R. Kelly’s Going To Stay In Jail!

R. Kelly

With a 15 second clip of R. Kelly’s bootleg, it is clear why fans should be listening to SZA!

What is going on?

“I admit I f##k with all the ladies, that’s both older and young ladies” – R. Kelly

R. Kelly ain’t getting out of jail no time soon. Let’s put that there. It has been a long time coming, but he has been convicted of a number of infractions related to the rape and pillage of young girls. Today, a bunch of songs were put on the DSPs and it was called “I Admit It.”

Well, that is all you need to hear, really. The song was prompt;y removed from the platforms and it was deemed the “bootleg” by those that own the songs of the album. Check this out:

This dude was recording songs as if he was going to beat the case! And he was going to make a mockery of the case and the charges against him! He really didn’t thunk he was going to get convicted! So, I suppose, somebody hijacked some of the songs that fool wrote before he took his downfall and released them! He got mad attention on top of that! They should have been paying attention to SZA!

SZA dropped an album today too!

We should be giving this our time.

At any rate…..R. Kelly is a piece of trash!

They are listening to her in jail! Maybe Kellz is there!