Rakim Is In The Rumors For The First Time

#Rakim #WhenIBOnThaMic #Vevo Rakim - When I B On Tha Mic (Official Video)

Rakim has a new song and the rumors fly! Check it out!


I can now speak on a rumor that I have been sitting on for months! Straight up: Rakim The God has a new album coming! That’s right, everybody scream it! The god MC IS back!

You all know, we hear a lot of things that are going on in Hip Hop but it is increasingly difficult to manage that with all of the noise in the world and social media. But this is one that I can confirm is going down!

The reason I can say something is because he has recently dropped a new song in 2021. Technically, it is not a new song, because it appears on the new Busta album. So you know it’s all real.

I know AllHipHop has a solid audience, but for those that don’t know Ra is one of the rappers that made a seismic shift in Hip Hop in the 1980s. His slower flow, deeper and more thoughtful lyrics open the door for the art in a number of ways. No matter what popped or became trendy, his legacy is more than secure in this game. When you hear that he’s coming back…you gotta look a little bit.

To be real, I am hoping that Rakim gets some help in the creation process and allows other artists to help bring him up to date, because it has been quite some time since we heard an album from him. There are numerous younger artists that would love to jump on a track with the god! And there are numerous older gods that would definitely do justice on a new project.

So let’s see what we got going on from the old school this year!