Rakim Rumors Are About To Get Somebody KTFO!

Vlad did an interview with Serch. Lord Sear did an interview with Rakim. Chaos ensues.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is what happened. DJ Vlad did an interview with MC Serch of 3rd Base fame. And the interview was pretty dope, but they revealed something that snowballed in the worst way. In the interview Serch detailed how Lyor Cohen asked him to write a song for Rakim, who the former Def Jam CEO was trying to get to crank out some new music. Serch suggested that Rakim was suffering from writers block. In the interview, he said he went and wrote a song called “Stepping To The AM” and they would go on to present to Eric B. Serch says Eric B hung up on the both of them within SECONDS. He calls back and then, according to Serch, curses Lyor out for “hours.” End of story. (By the way, this interview is from 2018.)

After this posts, Rakim does an interview with Lord Sear who botches this story and sums it up in a way that makes it seem like Serch wrote for Rakim or almost wrote for Rakim or that it almost happened or even that Ra had writers block. AND Ra responds with something like “I will knock Serch out for messing with my legacy.” Well, that didn’t go over well at all. 


Well, it didn’t take long for Serch to respond and really clarify his point. And to his credit, he has a point.


This is moving in real time and Serch and Lord Sear are already on and promoting the Tuesday show. So we will actually get Serch talking about the exact same thing he said initially in the first interview: THAT HE NEVER WROTE FOR RAKIM. Insert crying emoji.


Serch is consistent in saying Rakim The God is his favorite.