Ralo Defends His Decision To Stay In The Hood!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper Ralo has taken time out again to defend his decision to still reside in the hood despite his success.

Earlier this month, he revealed that Future even picked on him for being the only rapper making $30K for shows and still living in a bando.

“@future say I’m the only rapper making $30k every weekend an still living in the hood… ??? I’m always giving back to the community, I’m always looking out for the kids and homeless. I can’t wait till the first of the year we gone drop us ah super project… He will announce the details soon…,” posted Ralo.

Ralo has explained that he doesn’t want to move out of the hood because he wants to give back to it and pour so much into it. Some of his fans explained to him that he could still give back to his old neighborhood without having to live there.

It actually seems like a safety concern for most. A few rappers have gotten killed in their hometowns or in their various hoods.

Ralo’s fans feel that even though he is “preaching” about doing good in his community, some folks aren’t going to care anything about that and may try to rob and kill him over his money and possessions.

I mean let’s keep it real, the hate is always real from some folks, and although crime can happen anywhere, it’s more prevalent in some neighborhoods. I mean even I see why folks would be worried for Ralo’s safety. With him pulling up in the hood on the regular in expensive cars, it seems like he’s making himself a target.

Here’s what Ralo had to say in response to those who are concerned.

“They keep asking me why the f-ck I’m still living in the hood if I got so much money. Everybody get money an move out the hood, I wanted to be different. The hood need our help, we been taking away from it all our life. It’s time someone gave back!!! #RaloLaFlare.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think he should leave or stay?

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