Ralo Goes In On Blac Youngsta Over “Tupac Homage”


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Blac Youngsta has lost his mind…….AGAIN!

The Memphis rapper has come under fire for being yet another rapper to make visual references to Jesus Christ.

Youngsta posted a photo of himself tied to a cross like the crucifixion of Jesus.

As if this wasn’t controversial enough, Blac Younsta went on to claim that it was supposed to be homage to Tupac’s cover art for ‘The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory’.

Issa mess. Blac Youngsta already clapped back by trying to use Nas in “Hate Me Now” as his defense, but folks like rapper Ralo are not trying to hear it!

Ralo took to his Instagram to put Blac Youngsta on full blast!

“I don’t give ah f-ck what you or nobody else say this sh-t ain’t funny or cool. Ain’t sh-t about this sh-t funny. We don’t play wit God wea I come from we God fearing people. DA f-ck wrong with this clown as n-gga. An Jesus wasn’t ah fat f-ck!!! I can call you ah b-tch over ah billion times right now for this picture f-ck Boi as n-gga. We rock sh-t pop sh-t. You ah b-tch an anybody that support this sh-t ah b-tch Ole hoe as n-gga. An I’m ready for any smoke b-tch boi tag that hoe as n-gga ?????? @blacyoungstafb @blacyoungstafb #ALLAHUAKBAR,” said Ralo.

Ralo also said,

“Tell @blacyoungstafb I’ll give him $10,000 just to take the picture down since he soooo desperate for money an fame f-ck boy… You ah b-tch‼️ ?????

You actually telling me that the black community that f-cked that yawl think that sh-t ok to do??? Nail f-ck you an that lame as n-gga to. Ima stand for what I believe in, I ain’t falling for that sucker sh-t. I’ll die for this sh-t n-gga Allah the greatest. We ain’t wit that ole hoe as sh-t. Yawl n-ggas d-ck riding that much huh… The only way we gone make ah difference is if we be different black men… Please don’t allow the money an fame lead you in that direction… #TEAMRALO.”

What are your thoughts? Is Ralo overreacting, or is he spot on?


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