Ralo Responds To Rumors Of Him Allegedly Shooting Former Gucci Mane Associate


(AllHipHop Rumors) Between going in on Blac Youngsta and announcing a forthcoming collaborative project with Future, Ralo has been really active online lately.

Now Ralo has taken time out to refute the rumors that he allegedly shot one of Gucci Mane’s former associates, Mojo.

“I would say this n-gga ah rat, but in this case he ah mf lier. N-gga I don’t steal no mf cars, an if my I’d was in the car ion no how da f-ck it got there. I lose my I’d all the time…#IMINNOCENT,” said Ralo.

Last month several rappers took to Instagram wishing Mojo a speedy recovery after he was shot in Atlanta. Some believed Mojo may have had it coming as the rapper started leaking old jail phone calls between him and Gucci as he continuously threatened to “expose” Guwop!

Fast forward to now, and Gucci’s artist Ralo has been allegedly named as a suspect in the shooting.

Clearly Ralo is maintaining his innocence. What are your thoughts? Do you think Ralo had anything to do with it?

While people do lose their IDs a lot, isn’t it peculiar that his was found at the crime scene? Hmmmmm do you think someone is trying to frame him?


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