Rapper Accuses Kendrick Lamar Of Stealing His Video Concept!

AK Kendrick Lamar

A rapper has accused Kendrick Lamar of stealing his video concept and has his receipts to boot! Check this out!


There’s this little white kid on the Internet and he is making up quite a commotion because he says Kendrick Lamar stole his concept.

AK, A rapper I never heard of before, alleges that maybe, just maybe somebody stole his idea. He is very respectful and gives Kendrick Lamar his props, but does suggest strongly that somebody took his idea.

AK as Drake, smiling pensively

He managed to use the deep fake technology two years ago, in a minimalist video called “Family Tree.” And he has a video that does bear some resemblance to Kendrick’s new hit song, “The Heart Part 5.” K-Dot deepfakes Kanye West, OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant, Nipsey Hussle, Jussie Smollett, and Will Smith. But, that’s about it. His video is cool and I don’t think that he’s a lunatic for making a video like this.

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But I also think they were looking at a young rapper that we never heard of generally no that is suggesting that a rapper that we all heard of stole his concept. This concept, by the way, has not exactly been new. We seen numerous iterations of deep fakes. And creatively some of this theoretically goes all the way back to Michael Jackson and his black and white video black or white video. So I think little man is getting a little ahead of himself.

Hear are BOTH videos.

But this work for him! It worked because we are talking about him and we are giving him our precious time to discuss why he’s not going to be talked about within the next day or so. Respectfully! If he is talked about, then he really one big. So EK best of luck!

The ghost of MJ says high!

Man, its black or white…