Is This Rapper Addicted To Heroin?


(AllHipHop Rumors) The way it’s looking, we have to get both Chris Brown and Lil Wayne some help.

Word on the street is that Lil Wayne has allegedly been suffering from an addiction to heroin. Apparently this is coming from multiple insiders close to the rapper.

Weezy is said to be hooked on it so bad that the veins in his arms supposedly have “collapsed”.

The insiders claim that Wayne got hooked on the drug after becoming tolerant to lean. Apparently after one uses drugs like lean and develop a tolerance for them, they soon need something else and something stronger, like heroin.

The inside sources have even claimed that Tunechi has overdosed several times, and that his drug use is obviously effecting his health, especially with his seizures. The source says that they fear that if he doesn’t get into rehab ASAP, he’s going to die.

I certainly hope this isn’t true. We certainly don’t want to lose Wayne! Do you think this is true? What are your thoughts?