Rapper Says Diddy Stole Her 2-Year Old Song; Listen Here


A young rapper is crying fool, suggesting strongly that Diddy’s new song is too close to her version of “Act Bad.”


Puff Daddy got some explaining to do, a rapper says. P. Diddy has started back into the music game and he’s using his relationships to make it happen. The Mighty Mogul, worth more than $1 billion, has employed The City Girls in his march back to the forefront of music. Take that, take that!

He has a new song called ”Act Bad.” And, the record is not bad at all! He has a nice little vibe here with some danceability to boot. But, as you already know, these things can cause controversy, especially when you are a big name like Diddy. There is a new, up-and-coming artist named Swinderella. No, I’ve never heard of her. However, she is alleging that the Bad Boy mogul stole her song.

Some folks say this is nonsense and others say there’s probably something here. Personally, I do not see the similarities that would warrant anyone trying to say this was stolen. The hook on each song does sound familiar, but I think that is where the similarities end. That said, I can see also how Swinderella feels the way she feels. The problem is…who cares?

You can care, of course! This is Diddy and if it was somebody else, nobody would even be talking bout it! But Swinderella’s version of “Act Bad” is two years old and dead in the water. What does that matter now…a current song? I mean we just don’t know. I never heard of her before and I would assume that neither did he. That does not mean a producer or someone in the studio never heard it. And we know all the time peoples ideas and creative genius is stolen every day. Swinderella is from Queens, NY. This makes the plot thicken a little bit! Queens is heated! They are convinced the song was stolen.

Check both songs out here.

Diddy Wildin’!!!

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