Read What Happened With Maino And Blueface At NYFW…

Maino and Blueface are cool, but somebody’s pissssssssed!

So, let’s just put this out here. You don’t want to play with Maino. He is just that dude.

Blueface is kind of that dude too. I recently knocked out the father of Chrisean, his girlfriend. The earliest reports were that pops was doing something honorable and the gang banger hit him, but that wasn’t the case. Pops swung and hit the rapper. Blueface’s knee actually buckled momentarily and then what happened, happened. Pops got dropped! That’s old news.

So, here’s the other part of all of this. When that fight happened, Blueface and Chrisean were shooting a TV series. I thought that it may have been fake, but it was real. And this situation with Maino was real too. Here’s what happened.

There was a fashion show and Blueface and Chrisean were the stars of the show a few days ago. Seemed pretty cool. Check it out.

Now, you may have noticed at the end, Maino got up as they walked the “runway” and dapped up his rap buddy. It seemed like all love, but I think this caused some kind of problem. They were shooting for the TV show. One person, “I’m getting weak at Maino stopping the whole show to say hello.”


And herein lies the apparent issue.

Apparently, Maino had a few too many drinks and imposed his will on the whole show. Natalie Nunn was apparently running the fashion show. She let Maino have it.

“THIS WAS MY EVENT ‘ZEUS NETWORK MYSELF AND THE BADDIES PLUS CHRISEAN AND BLUE’ this was our fashion show …. HE WAS DISRESPECTFUL ON THE MIC TALKING RECKLESS. Basically looking like a bitter b!t!h mad! Who grabs the mic and first thing they say is ( I don’t care how much money zeus got f them) BABY IF U NEED A JOB JUST SAY THAT!,” Nunn said! She kept going off! “But what we not gonna do is disrespect females OR ME! LOOK AT THIS GUY CLOUT CHASIN I NEVER SEEN HIM ON NO BLOG BEFORE CLOUT CHASIN AT ITS FINEST YOU RUINED DANIELS FASHION SHOW! All because this female wanted some attention just like a girl crying for some attention!”

She must not know the Maino that I know!