NFL Gossip: Richard Sherman Allegedly Impregnated Side Chick Reina Westberg, And It’s Getting As Messy As You Think

Richard Sherman

A mess, a disaster, and a drama scene. Reportedly, NFL star Richard Sherman allegedly cheated on his wife with Reina Westberg.

Richard Sherman of the NFL better learn to strap up next time.

The word on the Internet street is, the former Super Bowl champ allegedly cheated on his wife, Ashley, with wannabe model Reina Westberg — and got her pregnant.

Reina got confronted about the situation over the phone, and WAGS Unfiltered dropped the video evidence on their YouTube page. Check it out below.

Predictably, Reina used all the typical insults that side chicks use when confronted about their trifling ways. Her accuser is, according to her, an “old-a## b####” who is so jealous of her.

Yeah, okay.

First of all, you’re not that cute — we’ve all seen far badder than you — and you look like every other 21-to-25-year-old photocopied Bratz doll on Instagram today. (Plus, your personality is stank — and there’s nothing attractive about that.) Second, though you don’t realize it now, it’s a privilege to grow old — one that many in the entertainment industry don’t get — so calling someone “old” isn’t the insult you think it is. Third, and perhaps most importantly, there’s nothing cute about a woman who goes out of her way to mess with a man that everybody knows is married. There’s absolutely nothing to be jealous of, sweetheart. Beauty fades, but stupid is forever.

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It’d be a different story if, say, Richard Sherman didn’t make it known that he was married. But not only did you know he was married, but you actually take the time to fix your Juvederm-filled face to insult the man’s wife and the mother of his children on your Twitter page. Most amazingly of all, you actually wonder why people are coming at you sideways about it. The lack of self-awareness would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad…and it’s even sadder because now, there’s an innocent child in the middle of this all, who has to watch his or her mother act wild and crazy on social media for “the engagement.”

But hey, look on the bright side: your (alleged) baby daddy got you a photo booth. Stay winnin’, baby girl!

Richard Sherman: a Stanford man with ICDC sensibilities. Good luck, sir. You’re gonna need it — especially in the inevitable divorce, and especially if you don’t have a prenup. And if you don’t, well, I hope Ashley takes you to the cleaners. And if she forgives you? Well, let it be known that she deserves far better than your trifling self.