Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Pleads With Celebrities To Help Her Get Her Car Back


Photo via Rick Ross’ Instagram

Rick Ross’ baby mama, Tia Kemp, is still acting up on social media. Rick Ross took her BMW back after she took shots at him and his new girlfriend Lira. Kemp has now posted pics with Rick Ross with Diddy, Jay Z, T.I., French Montana, Lebron James, and even their son next to the BMW; in an effort to get them to convince him to return the car. Now since she says she used the car to drive their son to school, maybe Ross was being a little bit petty, whether he paid for the car or not. Kemp has to stop going on these social media rants too, and the two need to come to an agreement off social media. What’s crazy is the fact that Kemp admits to still sleeping with Rick Ross currently, and sleeping with him while he was with his past girlfriends too.

Rick Ross baby mama