Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Tia Makes Some Shocking Claims

Rick Ross

Rick Ross and his baby moms are going to war, all over a lyric on a Future and Metro Boomin song. Read what she said. 👀

Rick Ross spit a bar on “Everyday Hustle” with Future and Metro Boomin saying, “Baby mama still the biggest opp”. On no. Why did he do that? Tia Kemp has ramped up and I think she wants to live up to his proclamation. She’s ramping it up and it looks like she’s putting the pedal to the metal. In a recent live broadcast, Tia dropped some bombs, alleging that Rozay is featured on Diddy alleged “notorious “freak tapes.” “I want you to talk. Don’t be scared now. No Diddy huh?” she kicked off her rant.

Before we continue, I just want to say that these allegations are just that, ALLEGATIONS. We have no proof whatsoever as of now. On the flip side, she is going BUCKWILD!

“You scared now. I know you’re on them tapes. Freaky b##ch. I know you is,” she said. There seemed to be an ulterior motive. She’s saying Ross hasn’t reached out to her, and their kid’s prom is just around the corner. “What you quiet for? Nobody wants to see your Louis outfits and sneakers.” I can’t call it.

The live video went viral faster than the Flash with the sh#ts. Of course the internet peanut gallery chimed in, but I do not care about what they have to say. Tia also alleged the Biggest Boss has a secret son, but I really do not want to get into that. “I want to see my stepson that looks like Drake. I wanna see him. I’mma go tell the world. I’m gon make this b##ch mad. I’mma make him make a whole f#ckin song about me. You want to play with me on Future song? I know motherf#ckin Future, you put you and them f#ckin churns together.. b#tch we can play a motherf#ckn g###### Jack Jones!”

I do not know who Jack Jones is, but…lets not play. And that’s Tia Kemp for you. Keeping it hot!

By the way, this lines up with some other rumors.