Rick Ross Says He Could’ve Gone In On Birdman Even More


(AllHipHop Rumors) Rick Ross has never been shy about revealing how he feels about Birdman.

Ross has expressed on multiple occasions that he felt like he had to defend DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne when it came to their business dealings with Birdman.

Ross previously says that if Birdman could burn good dudes like Khaled and Wayne, then he already knew how he felt about him. He also seemed to believe that Baby had indeed been stealing Cash Money artists’ royalties.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Uncensored, Rozay says that he could’ve actually gone in on Birdman even more.

“We been letting our actions speak for itself. He did partnerships with Cash Money & Birdman. You know I feel like I somewhat became a part of that. My level of support with my brother, you know my genuine respect I gave you know, Cash Money. Like I say. If it ain’t mine I don’t want it. But if it’s mine, oh yeah. I’ll die for it. That was one of them situations. I spoke on it. I could’ve went much deeper, but I addressed the things I felt need to be addressed…. I watched my homie walk away from something that was owed to him. As I watched everybody else that was affected, I just felt like it’s not right, and I felt like I should say something.”

Surprisingly Birdman didn’t have too much to say in the past in response to Ross. Perhaps because he doesn’t want to put any energy into it, or maybe he knows Ross is speaking the truth. Do you think more people should be standing up for Wayne?

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