Rick Ross Seeks Peace With Drake? Why?



(AllHipHop Rumors) It seems like Hip-Hop is getting more mature, while getting dumb and dumber-er. Rapper Rick Ross apparently has extended an olive branch to Drake, who pummeled his boy Meek Mill in the last year or so. And now, with the Young Money Reunion coming, that whole situation looks way better.

Apparently, on his new upcoming album Rozay said, “Had a phone call with Drake so we could fix the madness.” What madness does he speak of? Drake seems good. Meek…is good too, actually. I suppose Ross is just cleaning up the mess. I can’t fully see Drake and Meek being cool AND Nicki? Not really. But, it also makes no business sense for them to be beefing.

Is this genuine? Or is Ross looking to get Drake on a track? The stars of Hip-Hop are few and far in-between…could this be a self-preservation maneuver?

Looks like Rozay ain’t trippin’ either way. Homie is living the life…allegedly with India Love.