Rick Ross Still Claims He Had Nothing To Do With His Baby Mama’s Sex Tape Leaking?


Photo by Marcus Ingram Getty Images Entertainment

Rick Ross claims he is innocent in regards to the leaking of his baby mama’s sex tape! Remember back in May, 50 Cent accused Ross of posting his baby mama’s sex tape online and blaming 50 solely for the leak. 50 claims that Rick Ross or his camp posted that video originally. 50 says all he did was repost a link to it. When 50 filed suit against Rick Ross, he demanded that Ross be liable for any amount of money awarded to Lastonia Leviston. Ross claims he never said that he planned on leaking his baby mama’s sex tape, and all damages endured by 50 Cent are the result of his reckless actions. Apparently, Ross wants 50’s entire lawsuit to be thrown out. Do you think Rick Ross had anything to do with this tape getting out in the first place?