An Insider’s View Of The Rick Ross/2 Chainz Battle

2 Chainz and Rick Ross may have had some minor friction in their Verzuz battle!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Most people agree that Rick Ross one Verzuz battle with 2 Chainz last night. But there was some concern from insiders that there may have been some tension. I am not aware of this friction, because I really didn’t look at the battle that closely. I did see some very small and nuanced things as it went on. I am not sure what other saw, but I felt like this Verzuz was fairly boring and did not hold most peoples’ interest. This might be why they decided to include a masseuse, strippers, and other things in a rap battle. Who knows?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not hating because their music MORE THAN holds up. Both men, have really great catalogs of music and it was good to hear them go back-and-forth. However, at the end it seemed like 2 Chainz really wanted to get out of there. And Ross seem to force his hand in staying to vibe with other songs. And then there was the moment where Ross played an unreleased verse from a Kanye West song, and that took 2 Chainz by surprise! One source said it was an uncomfortable scene.

I think some ego got involved and maybe Ross started to feel himself a little bit more as he pulled in the win. For me, it was a decisive victory. Others, feel that 2 Chainz only lost by a slim margin. I think 2 Chainz also knows he lost as well. He really appeared like he waned to get it done, and get it over with! If you look he was counting down every song to the very end to fulfill his obligation. I think, Ross’ is cockiness may have turned him off! But who knows!

I could be in the minority here but the strippers, massages and making it rain took away from the pure spirit of the music and the lyrics. What do you think?

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