Why Are Celebs Like Rihanna And Zendaya Going To “Slave Play”?

There is a play simply called “Slave Play” and it is a all of the rage…but why?

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is a play called “Slave Play” and the name had people up in arms for a few, but, as you know, cancel culture isn’t as effective as we thought. It is still out there and popular people like Rihanna and Zendaya have recently sparked up the convo, because they are out watching said play. So, lets get to the bottom of this play.

It stunned audiences with a sold-out run at New York Theatre Workshop. Now, SLAVE PLAY is coming to Broadway. Written by Jeremy O. Harris,“one of the most promising playwrights of his generation” (Vogue), this “dazzling mix of satire and psychodrama” (The New York Times) is directed by two-time NAACP and Obie Award® winner Robert O’Hara. At the MacGregor Plantation, nothing is as it seems, and yet everything is as it seems. SLAVE PLAY rips apart history to shed new light on the nexus of race, gender, and sexuality in 21st-century America.

This basically tells us nothing! So, lets go a little farther!

Rihanna and the person that put this play together, Jeremy O. Harris, linked up during fashion week and hit it off. “Well, Rihanna, would you come to my Slave Play?” he may have said. They connected in such a way that she decided to come out on Saturday and bless him with the rest of the sold-out crowd. Not sure if he talked to Zendaya as well, but she showed up on Sunday! And she let people KNOW she was there through her social media.  

Well, as somebody tuned in with the people, I can tell you that “people” are not pleased! This play has been controversial from day one and continues to be, primarily due to the name of the play. And the reviews have not been great either. So, let me understand why!