Rihanna Bumps Her Head In Scooter Accident

Rihanna had people scared for another reason, but it wasn’t the reason people thought.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rihanna is recovering from injuries after an electric scooter accident. The singer was seen outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles and had significant swelling on her face as well as her eye. TMZ put a spotlight on this situation even though the singer seems to be keeping a very low profile. She was inside her car and picking up a food order but fans immediately thought that she might’ve been involved in an altercation. 

Clearly, Chris Brown came to mind. But a representative figured up the whole matter with people magazine stating that the singer flipped and fell on her scooter last week. There were no major injuries and she is healing fast. There is much more else to say to this even though I’ve seen a lot of pieces that continue to refer back to her domestic violence case. Right now the singer is doing amazing things in the makeup and skincare and at 32, really just has me fiending for more music.

Get better!!

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