Does Mike Tyson Have Roy Jones, Jr. Scared?

Roy Jones Jr. might have “made a mistake” by signing on to fight Mike Tyson in an exhibition.

(AllHipHop Rumors) If I didn’t know better I would think Roy Jones, Jr. was scared to fight Iron Mike Tyson! The reality is their highly-touted exhibition boxing bout has been postponed, and Roy is exhibiting all the signs of fear. In a recent interview, the former champ says that he may have made a mistake agreeing to fight with Mike Tyson. They were originally supposed to fight this month but in an effort to get a larger audience promoters pushed back the bout. Supposedly. 

With the November 28 fight looming, the 51-year-old former heavyweight champ is expressing his concerns. Now, I know some of you are not boxing fans but if you look back you will see that Roy Jones has consistently called out Mike Tyson, 54, for a fight. That time was quite a while ago, but he did want to fight. Now that they are getting older I think Rory understands that speed is the first thing that goes with boxers. Roy is known for his speed and Mike is known for his power! This is an exhibition match so I don’t think we should be expecting to see something like Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed in Rocky 4! But the videos we have seen on social media suggest that this is a real fight. And, Mike Tyson has suggested that he wants to inflict pain on his opponent. With Roy Jones being that opponent I think it is enough to make Roy frightened. What can Roy do? Be a man and go out on his shield!

Most people like myself would never get into the ring with a Mike Tyson no matter what. Now, granted I would get in there if I could for say $3 million but that’s about it. Mike is known to want to push nose bones into brain tissue and that’s a bit much for me. I know Roy Jones is scared but I think they will continue to reinforce that this is an exhibition and not a real fight. On the flip side, this could be a tactic to lull Tyson into a false sense of confidence and then BOOM….upset for Roy. Either way, I am pretty sure that these guys are so competitive that it will turn into some kind of exciting bout for fans!