Russell Simmons Gets Dragged On Twitter! Sources Speak On Rape Victims Credibility!

Russell Simmons may be a pioneer and a Hip-Hop king to some, but to some women, he’s a straight up rapist.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don’t think Russell Simmons understands. There is absolutely nothing sweet about things right now. 1) Do not do like OJ Simpson and keep popping up. Go somewhere, sit and enjoy Bali. 2) Women and men are raging right now, primarily because of the allegations against him in the movie “On The Record.” 3) In the last few days, both Tidal and Revolt put the Def Jam founder on their platforms and subsequently got dragged too. We might as well throw “The Breakfast Club” in there while we are at it.

It is possible that those people did not see the documentary “On The Record,” because I now have seen it. And I have to admit, it is damning. While I admit, I am not big on how that whole thing rolled out, even with the exodus of Oprah Winfrey, this movie is compelling. I hear a lot on the low, but I cannot reveal what I know or have heard. That would be a cancellation. I will say just this, there is one person in the documentary that may be less than credible. This is reportedly the reason why Oprah pulled out. I also know significant things about said individual. 

BUT….once you see “On The Record,” you realize this is much bigger than one person. The stories basically rip out your heart!!! It is very hard to believe that Russell Simmons did this just because he is somebody we came up looking up to! Def Jam Records! Phat Farm! And other stuff! The way he is described in the movie can only conclude that the man we now see as a vegan Buddist man of peace and love, had another life.

The doc came out in the midst of the uprising and revolution…basically, after George Floyd was murdered. Nobody saw the doc when it first came out. But as things settled down, I think Russ thought it was safe to come out. And clearly, Tidal and Revolt were ok with it. I also am not sure living in Bali helps him understand the mood over here. Women want his head and some men too. It is a slower burn with the guys, but it’s coming down. I would say more but it would “burn” my sources. 

This isn’t over.