Diddy And Jay-Z Might Just Have A Problem, Houston!

Does the name Sauce Money mean anything to you? It should!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The rapper known as Sauce Money almost appeared in the rumors section not too long ago. There was a rumor that I caught wind of just recently. D-Dot aka The Mad Rapper aka Deric Angelettie said in an interview that Sauce Money helped write some of Jay-Z’s raps! Now, I like being cool with Jay in my brain even though he probably does not know I even exist….so I skipped the rumor. It was the Breakfast Club – the 9-minute mark.

Also, here is a song that Jay and Sauce did together as a point of reference. 

That sh#t hard!

Anyway, these guys were thick as thieves, but a lot has changed. Sauce Money is bucking up in 2020. The squeaky wheel gets heard.

“Just watched Diddy Icon acceptance speech at the Recording Academy and I can honestly say I respect the message, just not coming from him,” writes Sauce. “He practices the same backdoor politics against his own people. Him and his friend Jay-Z. If the Grammys are on the clock, then ya’ll are too!”


What do you think of that? Remember…this is the dude that wrote for Puffy and gave the Bad Boy some of his biggest hits! That’s real. Last year, he actually dissed Diddy on a song called “Love Tap.” 

Check that out here:

These guys made a good team. Check this out from 1998…over 20 years ago!

What do you think of this? Is dude just mad because he’s not in the mix anymore of does he have a legit gripe? I am waiting for me information. Honestly, I am thinking he would be less inclined to be upset if he was down with them and somebody else was getting shafted. Nevertheless, Sauce is a dope rapper. I hope it all works out for him.