Say What? Diddy Says Suge Knight’s Infamous Source Awards Speech Was Really Directed At Who?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Puff is certainly here to break some news this week.

As Puff Daddy and N.O.R.E. have joined forces bringing ‘The Drink Champs’ podcast to Revolt, Diddy had a few Ciroc and Deleon shots as he spilled some interesting news.

N.O.R.E asked Diddy if he thought Suge Knight was talking about him immediately during Suge’s infamous Source Awards speech where Suge referenced a producer dancing all in the videos.

First Diddy reminded folks that he was definitely that dude back then, and ain’t nothing changed since. Diddy says the way he met Suge was because he was the first young cat to come in the game at 17, and he was the young cat going out to the west coast making moves even way back when. He explained that he met Suge as he was networking out west, and Suge used to pick him up and show him around.

Diddy says after he heard Suge’s speech, he eventually stepped to Suge, and Suge Knight claimed that his “shots” were actually directed towards Jermaine Dupri! Say what now?!?!?

Why is this just now coming out? Why couldn’t we get this scene in ‘Notorious’? What are your thoughts? And one time for Diddy stepping to Suge.