See Who Wants To Beat Jake Paul’s A$$ Next!

Jake Paul

Claressa Shields seeks to put her heavy paws on Jake Paul and pound out his brains for pretending to be a boxer!

Jake Paul is the man to beat in boxing, which is weird. Why? Homeboy isn’t an accomplished boxer, but he has accomplished a lot. He has managed to turn boxing on its ear as a youtuber turned into boxer. He is an amazing marketer and salesperson that has managed to sell himself into boatloads of bucks. He keeps beating people that are not boxers, past their prime or some other form of handicap. As a matter of fact, Jake has yet to fight a single pure boxer. Well, there is a pure boxer that wants to put the paws Paul!

Claressa Shields.

That’s right the fighter that wants to pound out Paul is a she.

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She has a fight coming this week and took time to comment on Jake!

Jake Paul? Please. I don’t know what world people live in that think a person that has no boxing background, a man who has not fought professionally, look, there are a lot of women in boxing that can beat up men, especially an average Joe like Jake Paul. If I was to spar Jake, which is all I would get because a real fight would be too embarrassing, right? But if we were to spar, I would use one hand – not even the banger – I’d use my (left) jab and I could out jab and hook and uppercut him and embarrass him. That’s how skilled I am. It’s not a shot at Jake, but he’s not as good a boxer as me. If you are, go to the Olympics and medal. I’ve sparred against those guys too – Olympic Gold Medallists, Silver Medallists – I’ve sparred against all of them. Those guys would destroy Jake just like I would. I box for real – not play stuff – I box for real.

You think she can beat up Jake Paul? I am not sure I even want to see that, because dude is so much bigger than her. If they were the same size, he wouldn’t make it a round. Actually, he would not fight her! He has not fought a boxer yet. That said, she is a BEAST!

She is basically promoting two fights at once!

Claressa Shields to Face Abigail Montes There will be Six Title Fights in AllSix Winners Take Home $1MPFL MMA
The weigh-in takes place Tuesday, October 26 at Seminole Hard Rock at 5:00 pm ET.

Now, I see why she has abandoned (even of only momentarily) boxing – $1 million! I’ll fight Evander and Mike for a milli! Good luck to the GWOAT (Greatest Woman Of All Time).

Here is our old interview with her!