Seems Like Freddie Gibbs Has An Adult Film Star As A Doting Girlfriend

Freddie Gibbs and thefitmami

It looks like Freddie Gibbs has found his woman in TheFitMami and they have a lot of love for each other! All the love!

It looks like Freddie Gibbs found the woman of his dreams. I don’t know if he has a woman of his dreams but this chick by the name of TheFitMami is in his mix. Because, she has a bevy of pictures with one of the best rappers out right now. The Rabbit Got The Girl!

And I will tell you! I will tell you! I will tell you…that they look extremely happy, especially Freddie! Anyway, she appears to be a white woman with assets of a Black woman. And I am quite sure that is appealing.

12 Gauge - Dunkie Butt on Make a GIF

TheFitMami has two tattoos that represent her love for Mr. Gibbs. You can’t help but be unhappy when someone is so happy. So we’re going to be happy. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! The one thing we don’t want is any deterioration of his lyrical abilities. So be happy, but not too damn happy.

Now, there are some images and vids of this woman on the Internet and apparently she is some kind of adult star. I saw quite a lot! Still determining this but the interwebs have determined that she is said woman on p0rnhub. Check this out!

Here are more images of their smiling faces. 🙂 And read on for the last part of this rumor!

I have another source that has told me the interwebs are WRONG! They are not an “item” at all. BUT, I don’t think bro saw this:

Look at 50’s face LOL

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How did I missed this!?