Sesame Place Slapped With $25 Million Class Action Lawsuit

Elmo rosita - Sesame Place

Sesame Place cannot escape the allegations of racism and a class action lawsuit seeks major damages for discrimination against Black kids.

Sesame Place.

Sesame Place! Sesame Place! Sesame Place!

You guys have p##### me off! I can’t believe the place where kids are supposed to learn to love each other, has become a place where racism permeates in the very fabric of the imaginary system. What in the world are we supposed to think when the place EXCLUSIVELY for kids is now a place for racism?

Sesame Place has been the subject of a class action lawsuit for allegations that certain characters discriminated against young black kids on Father’s Day. So, this is not the same stuff that we recently saw on social media. Those people are also pursuing legal action against Sesame Place but it is not a part of this whole class action lawsuit.

So, those people clearly saw what happened with the recent stuff and then took it and decided to go forward with their own lawsuit. They do allege that Sesame Place discriminated against them during the Father’s Day weekend, which was over a month ago. They also say they have plenty of video to support their claims that they were treated like trash!

The original 9-second video posted has led to at least a half-dozen similar videos showing Sesame Place employees in character ignoring Black children. I can’t even put allegedly here even though it is allegedly. They literally are seen struggling off and walking past Black kids and embracing young kids of other races. Nobody told Rosita race is a social construct!

Now, Sesame Place has a number of lawsuits that are here or pending.

Hell. This is where we are people…Sesame Street was a safe space for us. It was even created for kids in Harlem. Can you believe it?

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