SIGNS: Alex Rodriguez Forced To Issue “I’m Dominican” PSA Following Courtside Skingate

Y’all leave A-Rod alone.

Believe it or not, former major-league baseball (MLB) star Alex Rodriguez had to remind the general public that he was a person of color.

Rodriguez, who’s invested in a stake in the ownership group of the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA team, attended a game last week and sat courtside. A-Rod appeared to enjoy most of the night in the company of his wife and the likes of well-known sports figures such as electric First Take host Stephen A. Smith, former NBA player Richard Jefferson and more.

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However, shortly after a live appearance on camera, A-Rod began trending online as social media users began debating about his appearance and whether he looked more dark-skinned than usual. In fact, Rodriguez responded to a TikTok user who commented on a post writing, “He got really tav overnight.”

“Alright, everybody,” Rodriguez said in part. “I know that I’m dark. But I am Dominican and I went on vacation and I fell asleep — in the sun. So everybody calm down. Tranqulito y suavecito mi gente (Calm and gentle, my people).”

However, A-Rod’s explanation hit the net more than a day after the initial clips began ciriculating, and social media users had a field day trolling him as a result—especially on Twitter (X).

“A-Rod leaned all the way into Black History Month!” one user remarked, while another added, “A-Rod seen here undergoing the ‘Reverse Sosa’.”

In the caption of the video he reposted on Instagram, he added. “Everybody calm down, it’s just a tan.”

Check out the original clip below.

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