SIGNS: Brazilian Island Visited By 10-Foot Tall Alien Beings?

This whole seeing aliens thing is becoming way too normal of an occurrence.

Believe it or not, yet another report of abnormally tall aliens has surfaced following the release of a viral video claiming to capture them on camera.

Unlike the recent Miami disturbance, in which aliens are accused of causing a massive police response outside of a mall, the new alleged sighting occurred on a secluded island in Southern Brazil. Apparently, a pair of hikers noticed several extremely tall beings moving very quickly along an elevated path from a trail below. Though the Twitter (X) video posted was grainy, much like the clip circulating from the Miami incident, the individuals caught on camera did appear to have rather long torsos.

An Twitter user replied in the comments of the thread and attempted to translate the conversation the hiker were having in Portuguese at the time of the clip.

“From this angle we can see better, and another thing, if you do a comparison, he’s more or less the size of that tree over there,” one hiker said before the other replied, “Yeah, he’s big.”

Could these be the same eight to 10-foot tall creatures that allegedly recently descended on Miami. Or could either of these incidents be connected to the alleged nine foot tall alien that crashed landed in a backyard in Las Vegas last year?

Check out the insane footage below and decide yourself.