SIGNS: Drug Dealers Steal Money From Kids Selling Water

South Beach Crime Scene

Some poor kids were trying to make a couple bucks. Suddenly, they find themselves being robbed by some drug dealers for their cash and money.

They say you can’t knock the hustle, but apparently some purported drug dealers are not cut from the same cloth as Jay-Z. Remember that song? At any rate, everybody out here in the world is trying to make a dollar here and there. And for the most part, your hustle does not have to impact mine. In this case, it seems like some gangsters in Texas took offense to these kids selling water! You know the kids on the street just trying to make a few bucks? Those kids!

This video is so ignorant, Twitter branded it as “sensitive content.” You know it must be bad if the cesspool of social media that sort of warning. Where is Charleston White when you need him?