Singer Kelly Price Listed As A Missing Person!

Kelly Price

Kelly Price is missing but all eyes are on her new boyfriend!

Kelly Price, where art thou?!

It all started out as a bit of a joke. I was scrolling on social media when I saw somebody post about Kelly Price. The singer had been diagnosed with Covid and was released from the hospital. However, fans that follow her closely noticed that the singer had not posted anything or made any sort of indication that she was alive and well through her social media. So, the internets began to ask if she was OK. The way it was phrased and positioned was humorous. I thought it was quite funny! However, days later, it is becoming serious.

According to reports the singer is actually missing. She has been formally listed as a missing person after a welfare check was conducted on her home last Saturday. That is nearly one week of officially missing for the famed singer.

As of July 29, she revealed that she was in the hospital and had Covid. She was even in ICU because her condition got really bad. Members of her family told TMZ that they were in touch with the singer when she was in the hospital. Her children visited her while she was in the hospital, but about three weeks afterward, she was discharged. Even though she was out of the doctor’s care, it was said that she was not fully healed. Why leave then?

Now, the family says they have not heard from her in any way or form since that time. Some have alleged that her new boyfriend has been keeping her away from her friends and family. This has concerned them as well.

After the authorities went into her home in Georgia, and found her missing, there is now an active investigation to locate Kelly Price. I think all roads lead to her new boo, but that is me speculating!

At least she is still singing! She will be back!