Snoop Dogg & 50 Cent Support Birdman’s Behavior During Breakfast Club Interview


Photo via 50 Cent’s Instagram

The Breakfast Club experienced their shortest interview ever when Birdman threw a temper tantrum this morning and turned into our favorite internet meme. Birdman had some choice words for The Breakfast Club as he continued to ask them to put respect on his name when they talk about him or when his name is brought up! 50 Cent & Snoop Dogg seem to rock with his actions as Snoop posted,

“Nuff.Respect.Family. Check a n*gga on sight. G style. @Birdman5Star.”

50 Cent posted on Instagram saying,

“LMAO Baby on his gansta sh*t. When these two fell out, I told everybody stay away from that. They got to much history. They gonna work it out.”

How do you feel about Birdman’s behavior today? We are disappointed that he didn’t stay; it could’ve been a great interview!

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