Snoop Dogg Disses Biggie In Old Song Recently Unearthed

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is all about peace and love now, but. back in the day he recorded a Biggie diss that has resurfaced.

Snoop Dogg was immersed in one of the darkest periods in Hip-Hop. The “East/West” beef that ended in the death of Biggie and Tupac. Snoop and Death Row was pretty toxic at that period. Bad Boy was not totally innocent, but they weren’t throwing gas on the fire either. Eventually, Snoop fell back from all that mess, especially when Pac came with the gas can and the lighter. But, Snoop recently raised some eyebrows when he said he was friends with Biggie and them and stayed completely away from the beef.

In an interview with Big Boy for the “Untold Stories,” he said of a convo with Pac: “I like them n###as (Puffy and Biggie), I wanna do some music with ’em. And that just rubbed cuz (Tupac) the wrong way, like, ‘N###a, f### them n###as, them n###as tried to kill me. N###as shot at you, and you talking about you wanna do a song with them n###as?’”

Well. This old song has come back thanks to social media.

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Snoop probably does not even remember this song from way back, darn near 30 years! Here is the original version of “Keep It Real Dogg.”