Somehow Laverne Cox Got Mistaken for Beyonce As Serena Williams Played

Somehow Laverne Cox Got Mistaken for Beyonce. But, The Pictures Show How!

Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women in the history of women. And that’s just her looks. Bey is known to show up to to some big time events and, at times, move on the low. Serena Williams is making his victory lap at the U.S. Open. This is a big deal, because she has already announced her retirement. But, she won her first bout and that keeps hope alive that she can win all of Wimbledon.

For a quick second, people thought Queen Bey had pulled up! But you know the internet…nothing gets past the sleuths of the web! Soon, somebody posted the following: “Deleted that tweet about Beyonce being at the #USOpen in a mask. That’s actually Laverne Cox (Checked the still from the match, then looked at Laverne’s outfit. It’s the same).”

At first, I thought it was crazy, but now it makes sense. First of all, Laverne Cox does not look like Laverne Cox. She actually looks like somebody else.

Am I wrong?

HOWEVER, with a mask, they do look a lot a lot.