Sonny Digital Denies Sexism Factored Into His Critique Of Hook’s Viral Performance

Sonny Digital

Did Sonny Digital do Hook a favor or himself a disservice?

Sonny Digital is pushing back after an exchange with an up-and-coming female artist upset some of his followers.

Digital’s dust up occurred after he dealt a harsh critique of rapper Hook’s recent viral live performance. In particular, the “Racks On Racks” producer’s comments targeted Hook’s choice to opt for an avant garde approach and delivery.

”Just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s dope,” Digital wrote initially in a tweet reacting to the performance […] “It literally has nothing to do with being a ‘woman’ this s### is just literally wack. Male or female that s### ain’t it.”

Though Digital made the remarks weeks ago, Hook caught wind of them and did not hold back in a retort of her own: ”Another p###. that can s###.”

In a pair of follow-up tweets, Hook unloaded on Sonny Digital after he explained that he went back through her catalog and broke down why he prefers her older material. Hook met the backhanded compliment with frustration and deduced Digital’s legacy was the equivalent of a one hit wonder, citing his collaborations with artists such as Lil Uzi Vert as the sole reason he is still relevant at this point.

Sonny Digital appeared to be triggered by Hook’s claim he wasn’t on her level and blasted her in yet another lengthy tweet.

“You bring me up because I’m a producer, but you start talking about all the other producers you worked with,” he wrote. “dont target me out….unless you want a direct response….It’s no double standard in this s###, if you s### fire it’s gonna cut thru if it’s ITS NOT GONNA CUT thru.

“Stop blaming everyone and everything else for the success you haven’t got yet. And you are right I cannot be compared to the producers you work with because CLEARLY WE ARE NOT THE SAME….but I definitely respect them.”

Sonny Digital concluded by addressing Hook’s dig that he’s mainly known for his work with other major artists.

“And the one Uzi song you claim you know me for is probably bigger than your whole career honestly….Pipe down and get back in the studio, PROVE ME WRONG. Please ,” he wrote.

As the exchange continued, fans and followers of both rappers chimed in the thread, causing a heated debate to ensue. Hook allegedly ended up blocking Sonny Digital after he continued to give his two cents on the matter. Even though the interaction appeared to cause Hook some distress, it brought some awareness to her live performance. Several of the comments on the YouTube channel hosting the video reference the conversation as the reason they watched the performance.

West Coast rapper Hook, formerly known as ILY Hook, has made waves in the Southern California music scene due to her distinctive style and energetic delivery. She’s garnered attention for her popular collaborations with producer Nedarb, particularly on tracks such as “Everywhere” and “Runnin It Up,” which blend hard-hitting beats with her versatile, dynamic flows. However, as of late, Hook has made a major pivot toward a much edgier fringe sonic pocket, which is both polarizing her audience and listeners who are just discovering her music.

Check out the tweets above along with video from Hook’s recent performance below.