Soulja Boy Apparently Didn’t Tell Em’ About Playing Hide N’ Seek During 2008 Shooting

Soulja Boy

Nah, don’t tell me Big Draco went out like this!?!?

New details surrounding the attempted 2008 home invasion and shooting that occurred at Soulja Boy’s residence have surfaced and suggest Big Draco was ducking for cover rather than shooting at the intruders.

According to a statement that was allegedly written by Soulja Boy following the incident, he didn’t actually jump out like Rambo and start shooting at the perpetrators, at first. Instead, when the masked men forced their way into his home, the “Crank Dat” rapper allegedly went into fight or flight mode—immediately opting for the latter.

“Like five or six dudes broke into my house,” Soulja purportedly wrote in the statement. “I cut all the lights off and hid with my eyes closed.” The statement goes on to reveal that Soulja stayed hidden until his “homie came in the room and said they were gone and we all left the house.”


It does appear as though Soulja Boy did disclose he let off several shots in the statement, but the scenario described is nothing like the animated anecdote he shared in his viral 2016 interview with DJ Vlad. “I shot a gun about five times then they took the gun and knock [sic] me down and ran out,” Soulja purportedly wrote in the statement.

It’s unclear whether Soulja Boy actually shot someone or not, but based on the statement, he certainly didn’t stand over his intruders after unmasking them as if he were Batman like he’s led us to believe all these years.