Soulja Boy Claims He Signed A $400 Million Deal!


Soulja Boy has everyone talking as he claims he recently closed a $400 million dollar deal. SB took to Twitter to share the news!

“$400 million deal confirmed. I still they think they low balled me though. I was thinking 2 or 3 billion..”

Soulja Boy hasn’t revealed anything about what the deal entails. Over the years Soulja Boy has made millions off of ringtones and other endeavors. The rapper has had his hands in SBeezy Lights, Soulja Board-branded hoverboards, and his official Soulja Boy app that allows you to chat with him. Soulja Boy posted on Instagram,

“From being worth 25 million at 25 to being offered 400million and closing out the deal? Just think about where I came from no man seriously!”

Soulja Boy took time to shout out Beyonce again also, so maybe the Queen Bey has something to do with it besides their ‘Lemonade’ work. SB says Forbes, CBS, and Fox have been fighting over the story. We shall see. We shall see.