Soulja Boy Claims He Has Signed The Boxing Match Papers To Fight Chris Brown! yea


(AllHipHop Rumors) Big Fraudulent Soulja wants yall’s attention.

If y’all still care about the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown beef, Big Soulja wants y’all to know that he has allegedly signed the paperwork to fight Chris Brown, but Breezy hasn’t signed yet.

Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent have even been very quiet about the fight lately too. Hell is Wack 100 even still claiming it will take place in Dubai? Does anyone still care? If you ask me, it was all corny to begin with and like YG said, dem boyz aint from Bompton! Lol.

Anyway do you think Chris Breezy is backing out due to apathy? Do you all think Chris is scared or over the stupidity and drama? We all know Breezy has a temper, and he’s unable to just walk away from controversy when it first begins, but he eventually moves on and posts photos of his daughter to distract us. LOL.

If this fight actually does go on as “planned”, who are you putting your money on? Who should sing the anthem?

Side note, Soulja Boy just faked a sonogram photo, so these papers could be fraudulent as well.