Soulja Boy Is Bored With Rap


Soulja Boy recently took a moment to reflect on his career and his successful moments. Although many label him as one of the fathers of sh-tty rap, one can’t deny his successful “run” in the past. Regardless of how good or bad Soulja Boy’s “hits” were, he still had “hits”. It looks like the rap game no longer excites Soulja Boy as he expresses that the genre has bored him to death. Soulja Boy says,

“I’m bored of this rap sh-t. This sh-t boring. We needs something else to do. A n-gga done made millions. We got the Lamborghinis, got the Bentleys, got the jewelry, went and f-cked the b-tches. I’m bored! I’m bored as f-ck.”

Although SB says he’s bored, he still says he’s gearing up for some new No. 1’s. We don’t know if Soulja Boy could ever have a hit record anytime soon.

Soulja Boy says he’s going to just go blow some money and have some kids because he’s that bored.

We see those ringtone checks and various partnerships and deal money held up over the year!