Soulja Boy Takes Another L!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Hey I wouldn’t trust anyone that continuously gets arrested for something like gun charges and gets out anyway. LOL. Like that’s not how it works unless they are…. nvm.

Anyway in this week of L’s, like his dear friend Bow Wow, Soulja Boy also took another L!

So the internet spent most of last night roasting Soulja Boy so bad about putting up a sonogram pic that didn’t belong to him aka anyone he’s associated with, that eventually he deleted the photo off of all of his social media accounts.

By now, no one believes anything Big Soulja has to say. I mean from fake jewelry, fake houses, fake guns, fake hometowns, fake street cred…we’ve now arrived at fake pregnancies apparently.

So the rapper posted a photo of a baby’s sonogram Tuesday and claimed that he would soon be a father.

It immediately sent people into a research frenzy where people found the same “12 weeks” photo on Google images.

Now no one believes that he is going to be a father. If he really was, couldn’t he have posted the real sonogram?! Many people wanted to know who in their right mind would get pregnant by Soulja Boy in 2017. You’d be surprised though. SMH!

Folks ridiculed Soulja so bad yesterday. I’m starting to think he takes more L’s than Bow Wow and Meek Mill now.

Big Soulja is really starting to sound like the rapper who cried wolf every single time. It’s one thing for a woman to be lame, but when a man is lame and doesn’t know he is…….my gawd! Carry on.

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