Stevie J. Claims That Joseline Hernandez Is Jealous Of Cardi B!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Do better Joseline!

It’s crazy to think that there are really people in the world that decide to be jealous of others instead of being happy for other people, and instead of working harder to better themselves.

It’s no secret that Love & Hip Hop’s Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez have had a tumultuous relationship, so who knows what reason they decided to have a baby together.

Steebie and Joseline have been involved in a nasty battle over who will get custody of baby Bonnie Bella.

Stevie J. is now putting his baby mama Joseline on blast for allegedly being jealous of Cardi B!

According to Stevie J, Joseline won’t let him see their daughter because she’s allegedly jealous of Cardi’s success.

Joseline has to do better because she had wayyyy more time to build her career than Cardi did!

“Apparently, since Cardi B winning, Joseline won’t let me see the baby…see you in court,” said Stevie.

Joseline’s problems are the fact that her music isn’t good and there has been alleged rumors of drug use, so I’m sure that’s not helping!

Do you think that Joseline has really revealed that she’s jealous of Cardi, or is Stevie just trying to p### her off even more? If I was Joseline, I would feel like this was the ultimate low blow and ultimate shot at my career, especially since Joseline’s musical career isn’t popping.

What are your thoughts?

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