Stitches…Claims The Game Snitches?

Stitches Claims The Game…Hired The Police?

Rapper Stitches got slumped in front of the police and was eventually arrested along with The Game’s manager. The Miami rapper was charged with a bunch of stuff including resisting arrest and drug related charges associated with a small amount of weed they found in his car.

Nevertheless, Stitchy claims he was set up by The Game and the cops. Not sure how, but the police claim they feared that the dude was going to do a drive by. He kept driving past and was eventually trailed by the cops. The Game was inside the club and Stitches was trying to get in. Then…he got into a confrontation with Wack 100 aka Cash Jones, The Game’s manager.

Now, I don’t know if you have seen Wack 100, but dude is big. But, if you see him, he is the sort of gentleman you can imaging knocking a MF out.