Stitches Gets Booted From Miami Home, In Debt

Wow…Stitches May Be Homeless!

Damn, B.

Maybe that coke money ain’t flowing as well as we thought, because Stitches has reportedly been kicked out of his home. The rapper was about 8k in arrears, according to On top of that, dude is married and his wife was also put out on the streets due to three months of non-payment. Stitches was paying about $2,700 a month, which is not a lot for a 5-bedroom home in Miami. All this went down in September so I am sure he has found a place to stay. Maybe The Game will give him a room in his mansion for a spell? NAH!

Now, I see why he was so eager to fight game in boxing for a trillion.

The old landlord was not awarded any back rent, which is weird though.

Back to the coke and theAK-47!