Studio Tales: Zaytoven Recalls A Funny Time When Gucci Mane Walked Out On Him


(AllHipHop Rumors) There’s nothing like a good story from a producer or a music artist!

Super producer Zaytoven recently chopped it up with ‘Pigeons and Planes’ for their Youtube series ‘What Had Happened Was,’. The series allows musicians and artists to tell crazy and outrageous stories that they’ve experienced during their musical careers.

Zaytoven decided to share an anecdote about a time that Gucci Mane got mad and stormed out of the studio!

Gucci and Zay were once in the studio with Hoops as they were all working on a collaboration together.

At some point during the session, Gucci Mane ended up falling asleep. Hoops decided to be a little prankster and went in the kitchen to get flour to sprinkle over Gucci’s face.

When Guwop woke up to the flour on his face, he was so upset that he stormed out of the studio and never did that particular collaboration with Zaytoven.

It’s just such a funny story especially when you try to get the picture in your head of old Gucci getting that mad and exiting. It’s also hilarious because Zay and Guwop are such good friends and collaborators today.

Studio stories are oftentimes some of the best ones!

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