Stupid Rumor Of The Day: Jay Z & Kris Jenner?


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Look at all these rumors, surrounding me every day! Well, back in the day, we did stupid rumor of the day. Now, here is a dumb one, but lets give it some time. It happens to be a slow day. There is a slight bit of validity since the source is apparently Beyonce’s former stylist. I guess that person doesn’t mind never working in the biz ever again in LIFE. Anthony Pazos is the name and rumors is the new game. He said that the cheating issue was with Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashians, not Rachel Roy. Pazos told the Daily Mail: ”Kris does have good hair and “Becky” always refers to a white woman in the African American community. Becky is a generic white name for somebody – a white girl.” The only thing, Jenner is a grandmother and hardly a girl. I’m not if even sure if she’s white. Then, he falls back and says their relationship as business. What business? Why would Solange go crazy on Jay Z in an elevator over a business relationship? They hate the Kardashians that much? #youneedmorepeople
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