Suge Knight Claims TLC’s Left Eye & Chilli’s Husband Had Affair—Suggests STD Triangle

Suge Knight

Suge Knight stay dropping tea on his podcast.

Suge Knight has made yet another bombshell music industry gossip claim, this time involving R&B group TLC. The former Death Row Records executive made the claim during a recent episode of is Collect Call W/ Suge Knight podcast, which he operates from prison.

At one point during the podcast, Knight recalls a disagreement that arose between group members Left Eye and Chilli. According to Knight, Left Eye slept with Chilli’s husband, Dallas Austin, and was apparently unapologetic about the affair.

“The other two members of the crew, I remember them being jealous of her,” Knight said. “I remember Chilli mad, because Lisa slept with Dallas Austin and they supposed to be in the group together and her response was, ‘Oh s##t we f###ed, but you know, you got herpes so I made sure he put on a rubber. So we all good.’”

As the segment continues, Knight went on on to say Left Eye created some of “the best music” ever and took a walk down memory lane, sharing his most precious moments with her. Knight begins recounting his memories with Left Eye around the 11-minute mark.

Watch the full podcast episode below.