Is Summer Walker Quitting Music?

Summer Walker threatens to leave us all. Boo, freakin’, who!

(AllHipHop Rumors) What is it about celebrities? Do they feel – some of them – that they are a gift from God above? Do they think they are somehow better than the rest of us? I cannot speak for one Summer Walker, but these are the vibes I feel we are getting these days. The singer recently took to social media…the same social media where she said she doesn’t like taking showers…to suggest strongly that she is leaving this game of music. Now you and I know she ain’t going NOWHERE! But, it seems like she is cracking up a bit, like an egg with silly putty in it. 

Here is what she stated on social media.

na fr though I’ve decided y’all don’t deserve me lol I knew from day one I was to real for this s###. y’all can have the music & ima just head out. f### the interviews, photo shoots, videos, & really the shows too. I’ll finish this tour out tho. I’m just a regular person, nothing more. lol people got this fame s### f##### up. I been me from day one, I’m not bout to start acting different, talking different, treating people different, or looking different. people really expect too much from you. Everyday / everything isn’t a miss America bad b#### contest, & I don’t feel the need to put others down to stay relevant. people really just DISCONNECTED…. hiding behind these apps, these filters, the clothes, the makeup, the hair lol a lot of y’all need to step back & get into yourselves.. from a different perspective. take the same amount of time that you normally do to prepare/improve your physical but apply it to your spirit & become COMFORTABLE with the real you, whoever that may be as long as your not hurting anyone. That same amount of time you take to chase the “bag” try putting that same amount of energy into patience, acceptance, understanding, self awareness, self love but I know no one gives a s### about what I’m saying so yeah. peace love & light ✌

HER appreciates my support!!!! 

I think artists forget this is the game you signed up for and these people are the ones that got you to where you are. Now, if you don’t appreciate the fans, the media (also complicit in your success) or God above then you may think you did all of this yourself. OR you think people don’t deserve you. Hell, I don’t DESERVE to have to write about this stupidity on a Sunday.