Switching Sides! Did Wack 100 Have A Change Of Heart About Tupac?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Wack 100 is a strange character, a paid one, or both.

After talking so much shhhh about Tupac before the release of Pac’s ‘All Eyez On Me’ biopic, Wack 100 has not only been defending the movie, he also bought 100 tickets from one theater for the film.

Some folks already theorized that Wack may be on payroll from those involved with the movie to drum up controversy surrounding the movie and Pac to make people want to rush and see it even more!

“It’s this simple All EYEZ ON ME” is a 2 Pac Bio Pic a excellent one at that. So when you say the movie is trash your pretty much saying what this man represented was trash. Why because the movie is about 1 mans life and the movie is on point! So to down that is to down him bottom line! #HateItOrLoveIt but you gotta respect it,” said Wack.

Yeah man, this man is either bipolar or definitely on someone’s payroll.

For him to tell critics that they are downing Tupac when they are downing the movie (false) is a complete joke as he was the very one tarnishing Tupac’s name and legacy for months.

Wack also accused Tupac fans of being scared of 50 Cent, because he feels folks won’t admit that they like the movie because 50 has been trashing it. The film has certainly had mixed reviews. “It wasn’t trash, but it wasn’t stellar”, seems to be the opinion of most.

What do you make of Wack’s “change of heart” and the biopic?


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