Did T.I. And Tiny Cheating Rumors Spiral Out Of Control!


(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. & Tiny’s Family Hustle show is certainly going out with a bang! They are spilling it ALL!

People said long ago that Tiny had moved out of their family house and purchased her own house. It was a long-standing rumor, that folks didn’t know what to believe until the news of the divorce hit the fan.

“For those who don’t understand. Tip had some infidelities with a girl I hired, and that girl is one of the reasons why I got my own house. I ain’t intertwining my souls with no MF. It’s totally different from what you are doing,” Tiny told Tip.

T.I. replied by saying,

“You done had your sh-t when you were out with this MF dude that you know I don’t f-ck with. You was at his house. You in his house.”

Tiny’s issue was Tip is speaking on her allegedly cheating on him with Floyd Mayweather, but she never did. She says she knows for a fact that he cheated on her with the help.

Tiny maintains that she’s never ever cheated on Tip, but he doesn’t want to hear it. There’s quite a bit of hypocrisy in this conversation, I see. T.I. is upset because Tiny was hanging with Floyd Mayweather who he’s been at odds with, which he believes is a major violation.

He doesn’t see how he violated Tiny though, or how she was in odds with the other woman! Tiny says the real violation is the fact that she knows that he slept with the help, so she’s definitely in odds with a woman that she hired to do a job, that ended up sleeping with her husband.

What was also problematic for fans was the fact that Tip told Tiny that he spent millions on her as if that could justify his cheating. Folks definitely didn’t forget about all of the ways Tiny has held Tip down also.

Cheating is one thing, but Tip didn’t have to go and sleep with the dang on help! What are your thoughts?


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