Is Instagram Cancelling Hip-Hop Activists Like T-Dubb-O?

Multiple Hip-Hop Artists and Activists  claim that Instagram is cancelling their accounts without reason!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let me tell “us” something. We are under attack! They are out here trying to quiet loud voices and prevent our brightest minds from educating the masses! 

We don’t march like we used to. We don’t have rallies like we used to! We don’t have artists spreading the word like we used to. Why? We aren’t connected like we used to be!

These artists are out there and they are fighting the good fight. So, I’ve been sent several people that have been canceled from IG without just reason. Now, I am not going to name them all but I am going to start off with one that has come forward. 

T-Dubb-O has been to the White House, met with Obama AND he also spits those serious bars. For those that don’t know he was one of the first people to beging protesting and speaking out against the police when Mike Brown was murdered in the streets of Ferguson. Listen to what he has to say:

Now, this brother is doing his best to stand strong, but he cannot do it alone. 

Now the other people that have been ended on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook are attempting to privately resolve the matter, but they are all activists that have committed no crime. They certainly aren’t as bad as some of the MAGA maggots I’ve seen act heinously over the last few years. This has continually been the issue with platforms owned by FB – they allow a certain type of racial hate thrive, but target people of color / Black people that combat that. They certainly aren’t hateful and that’s the issue. 

What do you think of this?

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