Soon-To-Be Grandpop T.I. Is Too Funny As Zonnique Reveals Pregnancy

T.I. becomes a grandfather and his response is hilarious, but is he cool with it?

(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. is very much the talk of the town right AGAIN because he is about to be a whole grandfather. What is most interesting is that he found out from his daughter after she made a premiere on People magazine! Everybody knew before he did! Zonnique, his eldest daughter, did a PREMIERE and EXCLUSIVE with People on her first child and then told her dad. All of this played out on TV, a TV show hosted by Lil Romeo, the son of Master P!

Now, when I say this was hilarious, I am not completely sure how comical it is. T.I. seemed genuinely surprised, stunned, and potentially upset. He simply did not know what to say when this heavy bomb was dropped on him! I hope that he is still cool because if I was a father and about to be a grandfather, I would not want to learn about it publicly, nor through People magazine.

Check it out:

Just to be clear, Zonnique is Tip’s stepdaughter, Tiny’s eldest biologically and very much his seed too. She’s about five months along and is looking at a baby girl in a few months. The father is her man of two years, Bandhunta Izzy (What a name!)! “Literally every year, probably for the past three years, this same rumor [that I was pregnant] had come out,” Zonny told People. “This time I actually am pregnant. It’s weird!”

At the end of the day, I think Tip is going to have to bite the bullet on this one or else he may look like something other than a doting father. I’m sure he is happy to be entering this new realm of [grand]fatherhood but I am curious as to how he is really taking it all in. On a side note, Tip is turning 40 later this year. That is a big deal too.

Either way, salute.